Ep 011: Soul Walker: Steve Fugate spreads the message “LOVE LIFE” after losing both of his children

Posted: April 18, 2018 in Podcasts, Taking the Mask Off Podcasts
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Steve Fugate lost a son to suicide and a daughter to an overdose. He now is on his 9th walk across the united states with a sign above his head that says “LOVE LIFE” He meets people and spreads a message of hope and love despite unspeakable tragedies. Listen to his inspirational story. You can follow or donate to his cause here : Follow Steve Fugate You can Check Out his book here: Buy Steve Fugate Book Here. Or donate to his walk

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Itunes Ep 011 Soul Walker Steve Fugate walks the US after losing

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Ep 011 Soul Walker Steve Fugate sprerads the message love life following losing his children

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