1. […] I don’t think this needs further commentary. Read all three pages of this article, it’s a quick read and it will make you think! And check out one of my favorite blogs, Taking the Mask Off. […]

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  2. Kees Avé says:

    OMG. The article about the golfer made me cry, by far the best story I have ever read.
    You wrote : my account is still not doing it justice, I think the article IS JUSTICE !!!
    Thanks a lot for writing it down so beautifully !

    ( P.S. I leave my emailadress and will love to correspond further on this subject )

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  3. […] topic was brought to you by takingthemaskoff, his inspiration and mask shattering blog has been tremendous help to me in this rather dark […]

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  4. […] ON HARD-WON LESSONS from the writer of the “TAKING the MASK […]

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  5. Miss Min says:

    Virtually everything you post is so relevant, so poignant and franking gripping in its honesty that I’ve just nominated your blog for an award called, ‘Once a Victim, Now a Survivor.’ Your writings have been extremely helpful to me in my journey towards recovery from abuse and I want you to know how much you’re appreciated. You’re under no obligation to accept the award – it does require a little time and effort, and I can only imagine how busy you are. If you’re interested though, you can find the details here…http://killingmesoftly.co/2015/07/17/once-a-victim-now-a-survivor-award/ I just read the article by Irwin Osborne about the oppression of women by the beauty industry. Brilliant. I’ve wanted to write something like that myself for some time – now I don’t need to, lol. I’ve share it on fb. Thank you again…keep up the wonderful work.

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    • Thank you for all you Judy said. I appreciate it so much love hearing from people, good, or bad. Love the idea of the award it is appreciatwd. Irwin is a rare talent and I’m glad I’ve signed him to a contract. He is a special talent. He would appreciate your words. I’ll pass them on unless you commented to him on his poat, then he Already knows


  6. gingersnap74 says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please visit my post to find out the details. 🙂


  7. Hello, I have nominated you for the creative blogger award. As far as i can tell this is a kind of infinite process of appreciation of co-bloggers, a weaving with no end, a collective award, but it seems like a lovely idea to me. https://recoveringoursexemilyskyepoet.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/the-creative-blogger-award-nominations/
    Appreciatively, Emily

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  8. chely5150 says:

    Hi there! I am not sure if I’ve already sent you this comment but I needed to make sure (had a big distraction my son fell into a bonfire while camping last Mon and got his lower rem burned good. Emergency, then referral to specialist then sent to Shriners-so I don’t know which end is up this week-sorry) that you knew that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I think you have an important topic that everyone should stop by and educate themselves. While I have broken one of the rules ( I now see) I still stand by the nomination and hope you will participate. The rules are at my website and I look forward to having you post your answeres. Congratulations again and excellent website!
    hugs to you–chely

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  9. Ayokunle Olagoke says:

    Your “about” is impressive, I am a public health script writer, you can visit my blog on: scriptit14.wordpress.com I will be publishing a blog about an exconvict soon. Please lemme have your email so we can converse more, mine is: kunllex2003@yahoo.com thanks

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  10. Laura says:

    I would love to write my story for your blog. I write mommy blogs and a poetry blog and raw food blog. But I also have a “story” that I’d like to share. Do you allow guest posts?

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  11. Laura says:

    Hey! Did my emails today go through? Somehow my reply to you on Saturday didn’t. That happens sometimes when I email from my phone.


  12. rubiredsaid says:

    I never had the presence of mind to read this, as I was taking an interest in many other aspects of this blog.
    I hope things can only improve for this person. It can be difficult and it’s a big setback for an ambitious and determined person.
    Best wishes!


  13. nitapan14 says:

    “He was a long-haired, brown-skinned, homeless, community-organizing, anti-slut shaming, Middle Eastern Jew.”

    Reading your post, ‘Republican Jesus: The Rise of Radical Christianity,’ I couldn’t help but find a sense of relief that someone has written something like you did. From what I’ve encountered, very few people would post something like that, but you did. And it’s a very good thing too.

    You’re posts are well-written, learned, and engaging. I hope throngs of others stumble across your blog.

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  14. E-L says:

    Last count, 7B+ people are among the living, these days and if I could choose only one to hang out with and share thoughts for an afternoon, I would choose you, hands down, all day long.

    Because *that* is how uniquely gifted you arre: you have the gift to speak to us, and, to speak for us. Meaning, the gift to allow others to feel heard through your voice.
    That’s a pretty damn powerful gift.
    I’m so grateful you have it, you use it and I was lucky enough to hear it.

    IMO, you embody the purpose of a human being: to be who they are. We are not human doings,. Our value is not a fluctuating market, but fixed and immutable by virtue of simply having the courage to fully express the perfect truth of who we each are, as we are. Feel the love, brother.

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  15. Blackhorn33 says:

    My Friend, I brought you something.
    This may be the last time I can do this, so I nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award,
    Please don’t turn it down, Take it, enjoy the feeling with those that matter, and then spread some more of that caring that’s in your heart,
    i appreciate you and these that truly know what caring means,
    May Our GOD Bless all of us who care,

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  16. darie73 says:

    Drug Addiction: A For Profit Epidemic~ I had recently watched the Documentary 13th on Netflix. It piqued my interest. Having spent so many years surrounded by addicts and men who were in and out of the prison system I had some knowledge of what they went through. I was one of the few women allowed to be part of the group because of my alcoholism. I’ve written several posts on the subject and on nature vs. nurture, genetics, and what is imprinted when you are a child. While researching I was angered by a report from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 64% of the Nation wide jail population have Mental Health Issues. In Riker’s Island 70% of inmates need medical treatment for addiction, only 17% get it. Anytime I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt no one asked about substance abuse. Every time I was brought to the hospital my blood alcohol level would be at least 3 times the legal limit. There has to be a system of Comprehensive Care. I hate to say I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Your writing still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you!


  17. I Am says:

    Bipolar? Or Gifted? – The Modern Day Epidemic Of Medicated “Madness”
    – Excellent write up! Mass society will continue to prey on vulnerabilities and cure a fabricated epidemic with yet another mask.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is not the illusion….the tunnel is.

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  18. tonyroberts says:

    I appreciate your mission in the areas of mental health and addiction.

    I hope this finds you doing well.

    I see you have been a follower of “A Way With Words.” Great! Thank you.

    We have now transformed into, “Delight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illness” (delightindisorder.org). I hope you will join us there. On the left sidebar, there is a box (below “Get More Delight”) for subscriptions so you can get the most of our mission.

    Take care & God bless,


  19. Hello. Because you are so awesome, I nominated you for the Mystery Blog Award. Your blog is incredibly fabulous. I love it. I hope you will accept the nomination and participate in the fun. I look forward to reading your answers to my questions and learning more about you. If you are interested in accepting this award and particiapting, the information is at https://myloudbipolarwhispers.com/2017/07/24/yay-i-was-nominated-for-the-mystery-blogger-award/ Thank you for sharing your journey. May your life overflow with blessings always and forever. Love and hugs. Sue


  20. Bipolar1Blog says:

    I wanted to comment on the emt woman who refuses to give Narcan! She should be charged with murderer! But I couldn’t find any way to comment. Your posts are so compelling, I wish there was a way to comment on them. Thank you for you blog!

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  21. This is the best way I have found to get you a message. Come read and keep my “Conversations with Relatives,” about having been seized illegally for filial and political reasons. We must do for the “mental health” industry what the ACLU would do if they could understand the issue. PhD politics discussion of “mental health” and Constitutional rights.

    P.S.: I have appended my comments on suicide on your site to a Romeo and Juliet paper, in my Psychology section in the menu. Anything there you may print out or use as you wish. We will keep pluggin; your excellent work, and keep looking up the river to see whose throwin’ in them kids!

    P.S.S. I am still staggering to respond to your excellent Columbus Day post! Roger Williams!

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  22. And do you know Juliethemadblogger? Her work is quite good, and like you she has a lot of valuable experience. You all might be helpful to one another.

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